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Enjoy this LED light therapy facial mask designed to revitalise the skin

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The Deal

  • £19 for a LED light therapy facial mask (90% off)

  • 30-minute LED light therapy mask using specific colour wavelengths of light designed to target areas of concern

  • Clients will be treated using Red light therapy, this treatment is offered for skin revitalisation, and healing

  • The LED Red light is beneficial for all skin types and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin

What is an LED facial?

This technique calls on the skin-revitalising properties of LED, helping complexions to look their best. The light waves are directed at the facial area as clients lie back and relax.

Is any aftercare required?

There is no downtime and people can put their make-up on straight away afterwards. However, while the treatment does not increase light sensitivity, people are advised to wear sun protection to help care for skin.

Multiple Locations
Leeds & Bradford
Facial: Facial Treatments

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Multiple Locations



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