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200 acres of woodland offers many hiding places for groups of up to 20 in a game of paintball

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The Deal

Budding guerrilla fighters can put their mettle to the test with a paintball experience in the countryside near Kidderminster. Negotiating woodland terrain to do colourful battle with their foes, participating comrades can fuel their campaign with a packed lunch. Teams will also receive smoke grenades, which they can use to provide cover from their enemies, and paintballs will be available for purchase on the day for £6 per 100 or £25 for 500.

Choose from the following options for a paintballing session:

  • £5 for two people (79% off) with one smoke grenade

  • £10 for five people (83% off) with two smoke grenades

  • £20 for ten people (82% off) with four smoke grenades

  • £30 for 15 people (82% off) with six smoke grenades

  • £40 for 20 people (82% off) with eight smoke grenades

The Merchant

Encompassing an impressive 200-plus acres of scenic woodland, Paintball Park offers would-be warriors the chance to put their strategic minds and battle tactics to the test with paintball experiences for all ability levels. Fifteen selected game areas are available for players to enjoy, and the business offers team building events suitable for corporate days out.

Paintball Park
Shooting: Paintball

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