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One-Hour Motion Flight Simulator Experience Coventry Deal

Flight Simulators Midlands


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After a 30-minute briefing, a simulator takes you on a 30-minute flight experience over the Hong Kong skyline or wherever you choose

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  • £75 for a one-hour motion flight simulator experience (40% off)

Budding pilots can set the flaps and ease back on the stick for a 30-minute motion flight simulator experience in a motion Boeing 737 or Airbus A320, you can also choose a non-motion Boeing 747. The experience takes place in an industry-standard cockpit, fully kitted out with EFIS flight display technology, cabin noises and high-res graphics. Pre-flight checks and instruction are included. Once ready, participants can spend 30 minutes flying around the world. Instruction in basic manoeuvres using both autopilot and manual will be covered, and participants can also take advantage of upgrades for a full-hour experience and real trial flights.

Flight Simulators Midlands
Flight Simulators Midlands
Coventry & Warks
Flight Simulator (Ride / Experience): Flying

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Flight Simulators Midlands

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